Obama’s Legacy Being Torn Down By Trump

Donald Trump continues to systematically destroy Barack Obama’s greatest achievements in the most hypocritical way possible. Here is how he has done it so far.

Imagine what must have been going through Barack Obamas’s mind since January. Not once in history has a newly elected president destroyed the bedrock of the previous administration’s legacy in such a short period of time. There are three components of this Obama’s legacy each of which is being systematically picked apart by this Trump presidency; healthcare reform, the Paris Climate Agreement and the rebuilding of the American economy and jobs after the financial disaster of 2008. Trump has ensured that he has either destroyed or perverted these achievements in order to give the appearance of taking action, but in fact, all he is doing is taking the American people back to the pre-Obama era.


Let us start by first discussing the changes in healthcare that Donald Trump as stuffed down the that of the America. The logic behind the changes that the Republicans (yes it’s not just Trump but the whole of the GOP) want to make are, actually fairly reasonable. Obamacare is not perfect, some are left with insurance that they don’t want or need and others are not insured at all. These are obvious flaws to the system. But at no point was it said that this system would be perfect, but rather it was a stepping stone to achieving universal healthcare. Now, part of the reason that Obamacare did not go further is that it was not allowed to by the GOP. It is impossible to say what the bill would have looked like if it had the support of both the senate and the house but I feel that it would be fair to say that it would have helped more people.


At this point though that argument doesn’t matter. One of Trump’s key messages throughout the election was that he would “repeal and replace” Obamacare, stating that he would introduce healthcare reform that would benefit more people than Obamacare. Given what is included in the “Trumpcare” bill it would seem to appear that that was a lie. There are so many ways in which the new healthcare bill disadvantages working class people and benefits the rich that it is scandalous. Millions will be left without insurance, people that have underlying conditions will have to pay extremely high premiums and the rich will, essentially, get a tax break.


The worst part of this is how quickly this has all been done. When Obama brought his bill to the House the GOP stalled on it, adding amendments and so forth. This went on for a year. A year. At the time they claimed that was because of due diligence, ensuring that it was the best bill for the American people. Now you would expect that when it came to repealing and replacing they would spend the same time ensuring that it was for the benefit of the public. Alas, no. The bill was rushed so that it would be pushed out within the first 100 days of Trump’s term. And the haste at which it was produced shows. Either it is extremely visible sign of the administration incompetence or, more worryingly, it has been designed to be detrimental to the most vulnerable and beneficial to those who do not need any more benefits.


The next part of Obama’s legacy that Trump has targeted is the Paris Climate Agreement. This is the largest agreement of its kind ever. When the agreement was agreed only two countries did not sign up to it; Syria and Nicaragua. Syria did not sign due to the still ongoing civil war which has deviated the nation. However, Nicaragua’s reasoning was that the agreement did not go far enough, as it did not punish those that failed to adhere to its rules, so decided not to sign it but is still committed to lowering emissions. Now the USA has announced that it will be pulling out of the agreement. This decision has been based on Trumps belief that the agreement is detrimental to the US workforce and economy. One of his targeted sectors was coal miners during the election. Now, helping out an underrepresented group is definitely a good thing but not the way in which it is being done.


Renewable energy is the future. There is no doubt about that. Fossil fuels will run out and, in the meantime, are destroying the planet. The correct way to help miners would be to help transition them into new jobs. Preferably in renewable energies. Train them in these new skills whilst also adding more jobs for those that are graduating from university and college. Use this opportunity the same way that China are, by growing an entirely new sector of the economy. One that can provide jobs in the short term, prosperity in the middle and benefit the entire world in the long term. So much for the US being world leaders.


Now I think the most perverse way that Trump his destroyed Obamas legacy is how he has targeted unemployment rates and the economy. Trump has repeatedly said how the US economy is failing and the unemployment is rising when, in fact, fixing the economy and lower unemployment to record levels was, in my opinion, Obamas greatest feat. The US deficit is near the lowest it has ever been and yet Trump continued to go on about how it was being overrun by foreign entities. At the start of his presidency, he also boasted about how he had raised levels of employment almost immediately. Now, this would have been a great start, if the numbers hadn’t been for the last quarter of the Obama administration.


No matter how you look at it Trump is either dismantling or claiming all of the best work of the Obama administration. It almost seems as though it is a personal vendeta. Imagine how Mr Obama must feel, to see his name slandered by Republicans whenever they abolish his greatest achievements. For me, every time I see it makes me want him back a little more.